This is the official website for the Star Treasury and banking system. We are a community currency system that is backed by silver and is called the Star Dollar. If you would like to exchange USD to Star Dollars then please email the treasure at [email protected] and if you would like please make a bank account with us so we can deposit Star Dollars into your account which can always be transfered into banknotes by the treasurer and can be sent either via mail or can be picked up. Also if you own a store in the state of Georgia and would like to use the Star Dollar as a means of exchange then please contact the treasurer as well via email at [email protected] also a one time exchange fees does apply and there are no taxes when the Star Dollar is spent so all you have to do is pay the one time exchange fee of 5% to get your Star Dollars and there will be no other fees unless you would like to exchange back out for USD then the same exchange fee applies then to at 5%. Also exchange rates will be posted on the news section of this website. Thank you.